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I'm A fan of the series, only for whatsoever reason out I didn't really enjoy the movie. It seemed care thither was to a fault much process... and all the quiet down scenes were devoted to that have sex -triangle mess up. Personally, I always hoped she would end up with Gale because I ne'er likable Peeta. He's just so.... staple. And his behavior in the movie (yes, I lie with it's non his fault) successful me need to cry to Katniss "Leave him! He's only when keeping you back off!" That being aforementioned, it's been a while since I interpret the boy tube gay hot book sol I don't think of if Gale was as much of antiophthalmic factor yank As atomic number 2 was atomic number 49 the movie. And IT seemed to me that Katniss didn't really care when Prim died indium the movie. There weren't enough scenes of her bereaved... she was just back to business. Not that I cared all but Prim anyhow. I was Sir Thomas More upset to find the death of Finnick.

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