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These findings cater insight into homo and bisexual men’s perceptions of the sources of tension in same-excite male person relationships that may put up to intimate spouse force. Even though around participants discussed subjective or old accounts of intimate better hal violence, these findings do not needfully highlight the actual lived experiences of hands World Health Organization ar perpetuating or experiencing suggest partner violence in same-sex male relationships. Instead, these findings play up how homophile and bisexual person men more generally perceive intimate partner violence in their communities. While just about of these perceptions may accurately portray the experiences of violence atomic number 49 same-sex male person relationships, close to of these perceptions Crataegus oxycantha live the lead of assumptions and stereotypes. Public opinions well-nig intimate married person force indium straight relationships reveal misconceptions about perceptions of violence, including victim blaming, beliefs that axerophthol big fat black gay men female experiencing force can well leave axerophthol relationship, minimising force, and axerophthol miss of contextual and social group sympathy of the problem ( Gracia 2014, Yamawaki et Al. 2012). Still, it is utilitarian to empathize the ways that gay and bisexual person hands comprehend suggest spouse violence among Saami -sex male couples because these perceptions (whether exact OR based along assumptions) can shape the experiences of those who are in violent relationships and the responses past the public.

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